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This tumblr is part of an RP constructed by: Robin
This is the current character list.
If you would like to join as any of the characters that are not currently taken, contact her, as she’s the creator of all this.
And if you do join, let me know too.

Feel free to ask The Barnacle questions here. (I’ll answer as many as I can)
Submissions would also be greatly appreciated.


I am not actually Niel Patrick Harris.
Nor am I directly affiliated with How I Met Your Mother, or CBS in any way, shape, or form, and I do not have proprietary ownership of any material on this blog.
I’m just a big fan of the show. And of Barney. Because Barney’s awesome!


Anonymous asked
What is another word for clingy

Trust me, clingy is step short of crazy. And you never sleep with a crazy chick…unless she’s hot (you may have to change your phone number though)

Anonymous asked
Mr. Stinson I have abided by your rules the bro code and everything. There is one problem, a girl is out of my league. Yes, i just said that. I know it is a shock that as a fellow Stinson a woman is out of my league. How do i confront her?

No woman is out of a man’s league. She just thinks she is. She doesn’t know that you’re actually linebacker for the New York Giants who occasionally travels to outer space.

Anonymous asked
How can I introduce myself to a girl?

Daddy’s home.

Anonymous asked
Mr Stinson, I ask for your awesomeness. My movers have packed my rocks glasses and I have an 18 year old scotch that requires my attention. What is an acceptable way to consume this delightful beverage?

The best way to drink scotch is with another bro. Or an 8 or higher (dont waste good scotch on the uggos)

Anonymous asked
who is your bride?
Anonymous asked


tomtrager asked
Hi, would you please post my Barney Stinson quote shirt on your awesome blog? It's the first thing on mine, thank you! Tom :)
Anonymous asked
How would you feel if Robin and I had sex?

Just know that I have contacts at the DOD, FBI, CIA, and the XMEN. I slept with Storm once. Trust me you dont want to cross me as much as I dont want to cross a woman who can direct lightning at me.

Anonymous asked
The New Starwars Beat the classics ones

Is there a way to ban people?

Sir, what you have said is so blasphemous that I am sick to my stomach. I don’t even know how to reply. There’s no way to argue with a crazy person